Open de Genève

                 10th-12th May 2024 - 18th Geneva Backgammon Open

              Thibaud Thompson      Player information
              Alexandre Ben Lassin  Coordination

AnnééVainqueurFinalisteVainqueur Last Chance
2023Alain de FoucherDenis EtienneElena Zonza
2022Carlo MelziMisja AlmaWalid Kawkab
2021Thibaud ThompsonWinkenlhaus Bernhard LudwigDenis Etienne
2020Michael LarsenAlmir VajzovicAlexandre Ben Lassin
2019Gérard DuruzKrisitian ThulinMario Mei
2018Almir VajzovicGuillaume BarreletKarim M. Muraydem
2017Mario MeiPatrick DidisheimDaniel Scheidiger
2016Jacques WehliStéphane TrenetRudy Altermatt
2015Denis EtienneAlexandre Ben LassinThibaud Thompson
2014Nicolas DéhonHadi AjiOlivier Stéphanus
2013Antonio IaquintaKaïsKarim Muraydem
2012Karim MuraydemNils BaumanHadi Aji
2011Marcel LiechtiHadi AjiMartin Barkwill
2010Alexandre Ben LassinDimitrios CostapoulosPatrick Didisheim
2009Denis EtienneBayram BozkurtClive J.Kay
2008Laurent ElarouciRassoul RastiThierry Gremion
2007Alexandre Ben LassinRichard GerberLaurent Defretin

Palmarès 2023

17th Geneva Open

June  9-11 June 2023, Geneva, Switzerland


MAIN (34) 1-Alain de Foucher ( France) 2-Denis Etienne (France) 3-Staedeli Andres (Switzerland) 4-Olivier Evard (Switzerland) 5- Thibaud Thompson (Switzerland)

LAST CHANCE (29) 1-Elena Zonza (Italia) 2-Grünbaum Georges (Switzerland)

SPEEDGAMMON (16) 1-Andres Städeli (Switzerland) 2-  Yannis Sabatakakis (Switzerland)

DOUBLE CONSULTATION (8) 1-Patrick Didisheim (Switzerland) & Laurent Coli (Switzerland)

1 POINT (32) 1- Arnaud  Clairembourg (France)

A total of 34 players were present at the 17th Geneva Open Backgammon Tournament, including participants from France, England, German-speaking Switzerland, and local players. A delightful dinner buffet welcomed the players on Friday evening, marking the beginning of this tournament that combined skill and endurance.
As the rounds progressed, players gradually lost their three lives, and on Sunday, only eight resilient survivors gathered for the final showdown. The finalists were Olivier Evard, Alexandre Ben Lassin, Thibaud Thompson, Etienne Denis, Alain de Foucher, Almir Vajzovic, Andres Staedeli, and Bernard Madrennes.
In the ultimate face-off, Etienne Denis, with a flawless performance and all three lives intact, went head-to-head against Alain de Foucher, who had only one life remaining. The first final commenced around 3:30 PM, and after three thrilling matches, Alain achieved a remarkable feat by securing victory at 8:30 PM, becoming the champion of the 17th Geneva Open Backgammon Tournament. Hats off to Mr. de Foucher for this well-deserved triumph."
You can find the rounds and results of the tournament at the following link:
The other winners of the weekend were as follows:
Last Chance: Elena Zonza
Speed: Almir Vajzovic
Doubles: Patrick Didisheim and Laurent Coli
1-point tournament: Arnaud Clairembourg
We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to our sponsors and DA Tavolone, for their invaluable contributions and support in making this event possible.
The organizing team, composed of Ola Serhan, Cédric Thompson, Thibaud Thompson, Marc Henri Prêtre, and Alexandre ben Lassin, would like to express our gratitude to all the participants. , and we eagerly await seeing you at the 18th edition!

Rounds and details

              Thibaud Thompson      Player information  +41 78 967 43 89 
              Alexandre Ben Lassin  Coordinator

                                                   Club de bridge Rive-Gauche 
4, chemin de la gravière
1227 Les acacias Genève

Carlo Melzi winner 2022

Palmarès 2022

16th Geneva Open

June  24-26 2022, Geneva, Switzerland


MAIN (27) 1.Carlo Melzi (Italy) 2-Misja Alma (Holland) 3-Olivier Evard (Switzerland) 4-Gerard Duruz (Switzerland)

LAST CHANCE (23) 1-Walid Kawkab (Switzerland) 2-Andres Städeli (Switzerland)

SUPER JAKPOT (8) 1-Almir Vazjovic (Switzerland) 2- Thibaud Thompson (Switzerland)

SPEEDGAMMON (16) 1-Andres Städeli (Switzerland) 2- Gholami Kaweh (Switzerland)

DOUBLE CONSULTATION (8) 1-Andres Städeli (Switzerland) & Estenssoro Carlos (Switzerland)  2- Almir Vazjovic (Switzerland) & Max Meyer (France).

1 POINT (24) 1- Bart Migliore (Italy) 2- Marc-Henri Prètre (Switzerland)

tournament main details here

Main: 1/2 finals and Finals.

4, chemin de la gravière
1227 Les acacias Genève
 Tel. 022 342 37 46

16th Geneva Open 

What to expect.
Registration will take place on site at 6:00 pm followed by a welcome buffet.
After a quick protocol blablas
 19h30. The hostilities how, 2 rounds will be played Friday evening.

12:30 pm resumption of the matches    
Beginning of all sides events in the afternoon: Super.jacpots, Speeds and the double consultation.
20:00 Dinner break, those who wish the churaskaria Brazilian grill (extra)
21:30 resumption of the games,

11:00 am resumption Double consultations, Speed, Superjackpot.
13h00 continuation and end of the main tournament and beginning of the last chance
7:30 pm prize giving.

 Thibaud Thompson        +41 78 967 43 89   Players info 

15Th Geneva Open 2021
Main: Thompson Thibaud
Runner Up: Winkelhaus Bernhard Ludwig
3rd Turk Kader 4th Kawkab Khaled
Last Chance: Etienne Denis
Super jackpot : Gérard Duruz
Speed: Vajzovic Almir
Double consultation : Didisheim Patrick/ Evard Olivier
full tournament here

Last 4 players played semi and final
Thibaud Thompson vs Kader Turk
Kawkab Khaled vs Bernhard Winkelhaus

Thibaud Thompson vs Bernhard Winkelhaus

The crew. Marc-Henri, Sten, Cédric, Charlotte, Nargis Olivier Thibaud and Alexandre Thank"s all participants and Hope to see you next year.

Swiss locksmith saved the Geneva Open 😊

Contact:    Olivier Evard                  +41 78 851 15 65   President
               Thibaud Thompson         +41 78 967 43 89   Players info 
           Alexandre Ben Lassin       +41 76 581 11 33 communication and sponsors

L'ASTUCE  on the occasion of the Geneva open offers a voucher of 100 CHF (+/-90€) which will be given as a prize.
L'ASTUCE  is a specialist in board games in Geneva, it offers magnificent backgammon boards but not only.. 
you  can  discover their range of products.
Online purchase possible

Thank you Sharooz Zarei (President of Geneva backgammon 2011-2013) for these very nice customized scoreboards.

A big thank you to KATGAMMON! A beautiful customized set offered for the 15th Geneva open.
Un grand merci à KATGAMMON! Un magnifique ensemble customisé offert pour le 15eme open de Genève.

Katgammon offrira rune remise de 10% a tous les participants du 15 éme Open de genève pour une durée d'un mois. will offer a 10% discount to all participants of the Open for 1 month.



14th Geneva Open 2020


Résultats du 14 eme Open de Genève

Classement complet
Main: 1er Mickael Larsen, 2ème Almir Vajzovic, 3ème Grünbaum Georges, 4ème Estenssoro Carlos
Last Chance : Alexandre Ben Lassin
Double consultation : Thibaud Thompson/Max Meyer 
Speed Gammon: Thibaud Thompson
Super Jackpot:    Nevzat Dogan

Book your date 3-5 July 2020.

Bridge Club des Bergues
12, avenue Jule Crosnier
1206 Geneva

(Click on picture to enlarge it).

Info: Thibaud Thompson  +41 78 967 43 89

Contact : Thibaud Thompson
                +41 78 967 43 89
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 Résultats du 13 Open de Genève 28-30 juin 2019

Classement complet ici
Main: 1er Gérard Duruz, 2ème Krisitian Thulin, 3ème Jean-Claude Bensaid, 4ème Olivier Stéphanus
Last Chance : Mario Mei
Double consultation : Chris Rogers / Zdenek Zizka 
Speed Gammon: Thibaud Thompson
Super Jackpot:    Johan Huyck
1 point: Max Meyer

Still hesitating? We have news that will help settle the decision: we are having an auction Super Jackpot!!!
Vous hésitez encore? Nous avons une nouvelle qui va vous aider à trancher: nous organisons un Super Jackpot aux enchères!!!

 Hotel Aida informs us that it is full for the dates of the open. Due to important conferences in Geneva, we advise you to take your accommodation arrangements.ASAP

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Notre excellent joueur de l'AGB Denis Etienne gagne l'Open de Genève 2015


Notre excellent joueur de l'AGB Nicolas Déhon gagne l'Open de Genève 2014

Le champion d'Europe Antonio Iaquinta gagne l'Open de Genève 2013

Une ambiance festive lors du 7-ème Open de Genève qui s'est déroulé dans les meilleures conditions.

Nous regrettons cependant l'absence de joueurs préstigieux du club comme Alexandre Ben Lassin, Denis Etienne, Fabrice Liardet, Richard Gerber, Patrick Didisheim ainsi que de nos amis
suisse-allemands Nils Baumann et Marcel Liechti qui ont été présents lors des précédents tournois.

La jeune junior Manon Detraz remporte le prix du "Fair Play".

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